YES !!!!!

Over 98% of those who voted said YES to adopt the Plan, Thanks to all who voted and a big thank you to all who worked tirelessly towards preparing the plan. download official result here 

The Referendum for the Alderton Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Thursday 21 June 2018. The Polling Centre will be the Village Hall and polling  cards have been issued. Applications for postal voting need to be received by Tewkesbury Borough Council by 6 June.Voting rights are available to all residents of Alderton Parish registered to vote in local elections.

Below you may download a copy of the Plan plus associated documentation. The intention is also to circulate a leaflet to households summarising the contents of the Plan and to have copies of the Plan available to read ( One is already in the Church). We plan to open the Village Hall on 9 June from 12 to 4 with plenty of copies of the Plan available to read.


Note: the Parish Council is not permitted to campaign in the pre Referendum period.

Download Documents here :-
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