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Meeting Minutes - Annual Parish Meeting 2023

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held at Alderton Village Hall on

Wednesday, 24th May 2023 commencing at 7.00pm.


Parish Councillors:

Michael West (Acting Chair), Nicki Broderick, John Kettle, Paul Woodman, Dennis Rayton


County Councillor:

Borough Councillor:

David Grey

Jim Mason

Cathie Bridges (Parish Clerk)

30 parishioners

1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Parish Cllr Martin Davies, Borough Cllr Gemma Madle, Geoffrey Agg, Jim Keeting, Lyn Court and Nick Andrews.

2. Thanks to Keith Page – Special thanks were given to the Keith Page for his long-standing commitment of 40 years’ dedicated service to APC and village. Keith was not present at the meeting but will later be presented with a gift of two landscape paintings created by local artists and an Alderton cake.

3. Borough Update – Recent elections saw 16 new and 22 returning councillors appointed. A no-overall-control council. Recent announcement to pause Tewkesbury’s Garden Town status, may be cause for concern and result in increase in infrastructure applications.

4. County Update –recognised the climate emergency and has made a commitment improve biodiversity across Gloucestershire.

5. Introduction from the Chair, Cllr West The Parish Council has had a difficult year with the loss of their experienced Parish Clerk and Chair, but is pleased to welcome new members. It has been a busy year with planning inquiries, maintaining the allotments and playing field facilities. The council hopes to continue receiving support from the village to prevent unnecessary housing development.

6. Latest Development Matters - Cllr Broderisk provided an update on development applications within the village.

Land east of St Margrets Drive - await decision could take 2-3 months. 151 parishioners raised objections. Thanks were given to the 15 villagers who had spoken during proceedings.

Dibden Lane - 26 houses rural exception housing site, several serious issues raised by the Planning Officer. Supported by 90 letters of objection.

7. Playing Field Update – Cllr Kettle provided a playing field update. Alderton FC has disbanded and is no longer using the facilities. Health & Safety report completed. The weekly inspection of the playground has been carried out successfully by volunteers. Junior football teams have been using the playing field & facilities. Tewksbury Town football club are looking to book for a July start.

A parishioner raised a concern that if the school is using the playing field rather than the school playing field, querying if the land would be at risk of being sold for development? John Kettle committed to contacting school.

Concerns were raised about the presence of dogs in the children’s play area. Councillors agreed to revisit discussions as an agenda item at the next Parish Council meeting on 20th June.

8. Allotments update Cllr Rayton

9. Written reports received from the following organisations

Parish Council Chairman

Church Bell Ringers

Greenfield Trust

Planning Matters

Alderton Acorns

Village Hall

The Vicar

Village Shop



Gardeners’ Arms

Gardening club

Matters arising from reports included:

· Reminder of the Greenfield Trust grants for green projects in Gretton & Alderton, accept proposals twice a year.

· School update post site merge – no report received. Good intake number expected for September.

· Thanks were expressed to the following:

Cllr West and Cllr Broderick for their participation in the recent Public Inquiry

Parishioner who donated a new printer for the Parish newsletter

Caroline Page and John Appleton for all their efforts with the village newsletter

10. Any other business

No other business

Meeting closed at 7.55pm

………………………………… …………………………..

Chairman Date

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