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July 23 - Agenda - Alderton Parish Council

Alderton Parish Council

Parish Clerk and RFO: Cathie Bridges


To members of the Council,

You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of Alderton Parish Council in Alderton Village Hall, on

Tuesday 18th July 2023 at 7.00pm for the purpose of transacting the following business:


1. To accept apologies for absence

2. To receive Declarations of interest for items on the agenda below

3. To receive comments from members of the public - no decisions will be made on issues raised. Items requiring decisions will be added to the agenda for the next meeting

4. To confirm the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 18th June 2023 and agree actions on matters arising from this meeting

5. To receive reports from matters arising from previous meetings:

a. Maintenance of Parish Council Assets

i. Benches (Clerk, PW)

ii. Broken fence rail (Clerk)

iii. Playing field gate (PW)

iv. Broken notice board lock (JK)

v. Speed Sign (MD)

b. Tewkesbury FC

i. Ashton FC finishing (JK)

ii. AFC storage unit (Clerk)

iii. Using the pub for home team parking (TFC)

c. Fencing off play area

i. Previous quote (Clerk)

ii. CIL money update (MW)

d. Highways concerns road signs & markings (MD & Clerk)

e. Allotments

i. Compostable toilet (PW)

ii. Repair & maintenance of old village shop (DR)

f. Concerns over Willowbank road by CALA 2 development (NB)

g. Actions from internal audit (Clerk)

6. To receive the County and Borough Councillors’ reports

7. To agree and note Planning Matters





Land east of St Margarets Drive, Alderton

Outline Planning application for the demolition of 16 St Margaret’s Drive and the erection of up to 55 dwellings, associated infrastructure, landscape and biodiversity enhancements, all matters reserved except for access to St Margarets Drive


Land Behind 52- 74 Willow Bank Road Alderton

Full planning application for the erection of 56 dwellings with associated infrastructure and amenities along with demolition of an existing dwelling on land to the west of Willow Bank Road, Alderton


Land at Dibden lane, Alderton

Proposed rural exception site comprising 26 affordable homes and associated works


Glenbrook Farm, Gretton Fields, Gretton

Erection of a first-floor side extension and a single storey side and rear extension to create ancillary accommodation


6 Church Lane, Alderton

Demolition of the existing garage and erection of a single storey side extension

8. To agree or note matters relating to the Playing Field and Changing Facility

a. Playing fields mower shed break-in

b. Hole forming in safety surface

9. To agree or note Allotments Matters

a. Allotment sheds break-in

b. AAA request for 3 additional standpipes

c. Sprinkler usage

10. To agree or note Highway Matters

11. Receive Correspondence for action & noting

a. 20MPH Zone vs Limits webinar

12. Finances

a. To receive the current state of accounts

b. To approve payments and note receipts

13. To review and approve the following documents:

a. Allotment Risk Assessment

14. Community right to bid

15. Offer Pension Scheme to Clerk

16. To note agenda items for next meeting 15th August

Date of Next Meetings: 15th Aug, 19th Sep, 17th Oct, 21st Nov, 19th Dec

Download agenda

Agenda July 2023 Alderton Parish Council
Download DOCX • 24KB

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