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July 2023 - Meeting minutes - Alderton Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at Alderton Village Hall on

Tuesday, 18th July 2023 commencing at 7.00pm.

Email: www.

Present: D Rayton (Acting Chair), M West, P Woodman, M Davies, G Madel, D Gray

Apologies: J Kettle, N Broderick

In attendance: Parish Clerk and 6 members of the public

230718/01 Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Councilor J Kettle, Councilor N Broderick

230718/02 Declarations of interest:

No declarations were received

230718/03 To receive comments from members of the public –

No comments were received

230718/04 To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 20th June 2023 and agree actions on matters arising from this meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on 20th June 2023 were agreed and signed by the Acting Chair.

The flowing item was brought forward due to members of the public and representatives from AAA being in attendance for this item

230718/09 Allotment Matters

a. Allotment sheds break-in. Suggestion by allotment holder, for a coded security gate lock and security camera to act as a deterrent. Councilor Gray suggested that Build Back Better funding may be available.

Action Allotment holder to forward quote to Clerk

Action Councilor Woodman to send proposal to Councilor Gray

b. AAA request for 3 additional standpipes and compostable toilet. Permission needs to be sort from GCC

Action Clerk to email David Gray, who will check for contact first

c. Sprinkler usage by plot holder

Action Clerk issue letter

d. New tenancy agreements for all plot holders for September

Action Councilors & AAA to review drafts for August meeting

230718/05 To receive reports from matters arising from previous meetings:

a. Maintenance of Parish Council Assets

I. Benches (Clerk, PW)

II. Broken fence rail (Clerk)

III. Playing field gate (MD)

IV. Broken notice board lock (JK)

V. Speed Sign (MD)

One quote received for benches.

Action Councilor Woodman to obtain two quotes

Broken fence rail APC responsibility

Action Quote for fence & post damage TMC

Action Councilor Davies has maintenance guide for gate to try to adjust the damper. If not successful to contact Greenfields to enquire about repair

Speed sign – professional indemnity cover required (£2 million), requirement to move camera every two weeks, not in the same position within 8 weeks.

Action Councilor Davies to email Southam & Councilor Gray

b. Tewkesbury FC

I. Ashton FC finishing (JK)

II. AFC storage unit (Clerk)

III. Using the pub for home team parking (TFC)

Action Councilor Kettle to confirm if Ashton girls FC will continue next season

Alderton FC confirmed handover of equipment in the storage unit.

Action Clerk to collect keys

Google calendar for playing fields Calendar

Action Clerk to share with Councilor Kettle & Councilor Davies

c. Fencing off play area

I. Previous quote (Clerk)

II. CIL money update (MW)

Awaiting 106 spend clarification

Action Clerk to request quote

Action Councilor Davies contact Greensfields for new quote

d. Highways concerns road signs & markings (MD & Clerk)


e. Allotments

I. Compostable toilet (PW)

II. Repair & maintenance of old village shop (DR)

Action Councilor Rayton draw up schedule for August meeting

f. Concerns over Willowbank road by CALA 2 development (NB)

Awaiting response

Additional issue raised by resident with encroachment of build

g. Actions from internal audit (Clerk)

Several updates to website and documents

Add column for s.137 to cashbook

Carry out quarterly internal controls

Annual review of bank mandate

Budget V spend analysis

230718/06 County and Borough Councilors reports

Councilor Gray gave his report and informed council of the following:

· Summer of resurfacing launches across Gloucestershire – focus on resurfacing across Gloucestershire roads. Currently working through backlog of road damage. Protected budget, new machines & specialised teams are being implemented to improve workflow. Encourage people to report issues.

· Gateway review of the Tewkesbury Garden Town. Not certain of impact on five year housing land supply. Review has been completed with a commitment to increased community engagement and improved collaboration

· Medium term financial plan budget going through. Inflationary pressures 2024/25 difficult choices will need to be made

· There is a motion for tighter environmental regulations over quarries, their impact on climate change and being carried out in sustainable way

· GCC shortlisted for cycle schemes, government funded

· Housing pressures continues

· Piece of work on road safety currently being carried out

230718/07 To agree and note Planning Matters –

An update of the current Planning Applications was reviewed, and the following comments were made on current outstanding applications:

Reference Location Description Result


Land east of St Margarets Drive, Alderton

Outline Planning application for the demolition of 16 St Margaret’s Drive and the erection of up to 55 dwellings, associated infrastructure, landscape and biodiversity enhancements, all matters reserved except for access to St Margarets Drive

Appeal upheld. Tewkesbury Borough Council to decide whether to apply for a judicial review.

Council hosted a meeting attended by 60 members of the public

Councilor Gray & Councilor Mason to encourage TBC to do everything they can to challenge the appeal decision

Review conditions in planning application


Land Behind 52- 74 Willow Bank Road Alderton

Full planning application for the erection of 56 dwellings with associated infrastructure and amenities along with the demolition of an existing dwelling on land to the west of Willow Bank Road, Alderton

September planning committee

Requests/justifications to be received mid-August


Land at Dibden Lane, Alderton

Proposed rural exception site comprising 26 affordable homes and associated works

Planning Officer would welcome a fuller and formal objections in early august


Glenbrook Farm, Gretton Fields, Gretton

Erection of a first-floor side extension and a single storey side and rear extension to create ancillary accommodation

Action Clerk request drawings


6 Church Lane, Alderton

Demolition of the existing garage and erection of a single storey side extension

Action Clerk to confirm no objections

230718/08 To agree or note matters relating to the Playing Field and Changing Facility

a. Playing fields mower shed break-in

Shed and gate resecured New padlock on the gate,

Action Councilor Davies to notify relevant parties on new code

Insurance claim – Check Lyn are they claiming for shredder. Generator – ask K. Page worth/invoice. Add to asset register. Check policy

b. Hole forming in safety surface

Action Councilor Davies to contact Greenfields to enquire about safety surface repair

Action Clerk to follow-up with play area inspection volunteers

230718/10 To agree or note Highway Matters

a. Special thanks given to Councilor Kettle for the removal of the graffiti from the village sign

230718/11 Receive Correspondence for action & noting

a. 20MPH Zone vs Limits webinar – community speed watch review of road safety completed and funding approved.

Action Councilor Woodman to attend webinar

230718/12 Finances

a. Council Approved the June Payments list. Receipts were noted. Councilor Kettle to set up the online FPOs and Councilor West and Councilor Broderick to authorise.

230718/13 To review and approve the following documents:

a. Allotment risk assessment

ActionAgree the document that says how to conduct an allotment risk assessment

Action Councilor Woodman & Councilor Rayton to carry out risk assessment

230718/14 Community right to bid:

Action Councilor Kettle to contact Oakhill

Action Clerk to check if November form was submitted

230718/15 Offer Pension scheme to Clerk

Action Clerk to follow-up with PATA

230620/16 To note agenda items for next meeting 15th August

David Grey sends is apologies he will not present

Agree Allotment New Tenancy agreements

Meeting closed at 21.30pm. Date of next Meeting: 15th August 2023 commencing at 19.00pm, in the Village Hall.

………………………………….. …………………..

Chairman Date

2023 Meeting Dates: 15th Aug, 19th Sept, 17th Oct, 21st Nov, 19th Dec

Download minutes:

DRAFT Minutes July 2023 Alderton Parish Council
Download PDF • 202KB

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